California Ex Mod Rating

California ex mod ratingCalifornia ex mod rating can significantly impact how much an organization pays for workers’ compensation insurance, and can often indicate if there are serious issues needing to be addressed.

Do you understand where your experience modification factor is derived? What analyses and protocols has your organization put in place to minimize risk and maximize effectiveness of your work comp and safety programs?

If California workers comp insurance was only required to cover basic medical treatments for predictable kinds of injuries, it might have been a simpler system. But health care and employment are both difficult topics to capture in simple ways, and California ex mods reflect the complexities of these systems.

Some workers’ compensation claims are straightforward. A sprained ankle or a dislocated finger might involve simple treatments and little or no downtime for the patient. But many claims are tricky. If an injury entitles an employee to disability benefits or leads to medical complications, the claims process may go on for some time. Paperwork needs to be completed accurately and on time. Claims need to be coded correctly to avoid delays in benefits and misunderstandings with insurance providers. Where is your system failing?

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