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Risk Management Begins at the Top

Many of the incidents that drive workers’ compensation costs occur at the “floor level” of a business. It’s obvious: whether it’s a construction firm, a hospital, or a staffing agency, the people who are most likely to get hurt are the ones doing the most dangerous jobs.  What is less obvious is the important role […]


The Role of Job Hazard Analyses in Risk Management

Accident prevention is a multilayered process for any business. Environmental factors, like trip hazards or machinery, are often the first thing managers think about when they focus on safety. But a good safety program goes a step further to study and systematize employee behaviors. Job hazard analyses, or JHAs, are used in behavior-based safety programs […]


The Pros and Cons of Online Safety Training Courses

The rise of online training programs has dramatically expanded access to safety information. Cost effective, always available, and easily tracked, online courses have plenty of advantages. At the same time, there are limitations to the online format that can leave important sources of risk unaddressed. The many advantages of online safety training A healthy skepticism […]


Strategies for Accommodating Light Duty Requirements

Managing the risks associated with workplace injuries requires a comprehensive plan. Part of the planning process needs to include looking at how an injured employee will be accommodated while recovering from an injury that temporarily prevents a return to normal duties. By offering an injured employee light duty, employers may be able to control how […]


Spotting Predictive Signs of Workplace Violence

Every employer struggles with how to address the risk of workplace violence. Staffing firms can feel especially vulnerable because of the limited insights they have into the personalities of a client’s employees. Fortunately, professional solutions are available. Encouraging employees to raise concerns early on is an important step but relying on an employee’s instincts to […]


Steps Employers Can Take to Manage the Risk of Workplace Violence

Violence at work, especially involving firearms, has become a tragic feature of our national culture. Although such incidents are thankfully far less common than other potentially serious injuries on the job, when they happen, their consequences for everyone involved can be devastating. Fortunately, employers can take control of the problem by training employees to recognize […]

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