How We Serve Clients

At Gunnin Insurance, we are proud of our dedication to providing the highest level of service. From our office in California, we help clients throughout the state and around the country develop comprehensive insurance and risk management programs.

Finding the right workers’ compensation program is a challenge for many businesses. Those working in industries with higher-rated workers’ compensation class codes, saddled with an unfavorable claims history, or stuck choosing among low-quality insurers can struggle to find a program built to support their business. Gunnin uses its many relationships in the industry to give clients facing challenges like these access to solutions they might otherwise not find.

Our services begin with an assessment of the client’s existing risk management program, including their exposures to risk. With a comprehensive understanding of the client’s current program and its long-term objectives, we move on to insurance placement, onboarding, claims advocacy and other proactive services. Our goals are to provide clients with cost-saving insights into the risks they face, access to responsive insurance products and services, and the highest level of service.

Insurance Placement

Gunnin Insurance leverages its deep connections with insurance providers and broad experience in the industry to find workers’ compensation packages that meet our clients’ specific challenges.

Claims Advocacy

Gunnin’s time-tested approach produces closure in a very short time frame, while avoiding the buildup of liens from self-procured treatment by an employee claimant. Each claim is examined for its merits and deficits but as an overall strategy, this has proven effective for the temporary staffing industry.

Safety and Loss Control

Implementing best practices changes takes time and effort. Gunnin assists by providing measurement of results and offers input and recommendations where the plan is not getting the resulted needed.

Client Support Services

Gunnin Insurance is proud of its tradition of exceeding client expectations. Leveraging our extensive experience in the insurance brokerage and risk management industries, our suite of services delivers superior safety outcomes and workers’ compensation solutions so clients can get more for their money.

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Gunnin’s team is standing by to help businesses find new and better ways to tackle their risk management challenges. Contact us today to find out how we can make your firm’s workers’ compensation program do more.