Claims Advocacy

One of our major goals as respects claims support is to determine the skills of our client’s internal claims staff and to align their claims processes with the claims protocols previously outlined. Once we complete our analysis, often we conduct training of the staff which is always received positively. Over a couple of years, our clients become more self-sustaining in claims with our advocacy based on the size and nature of the employee injury.

Our claims advocacy approach is specifically formulated and individualized to address the needs of the temporary staffing industry. It is a proven three-prong strategy:

  • Early intervention helps clients rapidly identify compensability, foresee and address problems, and avoid surprises.
  • Aggressive defense of denied claims.
  • Pursuit of favorable settlements as an “early exit” means of reducing costs.

Gunnin’s time-tested approach produces closure in a very short time frame, while avoiding the buildup of liens from self-procured treatment by an employee claimant. Each claim is examined for its merits and deficits but as an overall strategy, this has proven effective for the temporary staffing industry.

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