Insurance Placement

Gunnin Insurance leverages its deep connections with insurance providers and broad experience in the industry to find workers’ compensation insurance programs that meet our clients’ specific challenges. Our offerings typically use one of these four structures:

  • Guaranteed cost insurance provides for a fixed premium over the term of the policy irrespective of the current year claims experience.
  • Deductible programs allow an employer to assume a portion of the costs associated with each claim in exchange for a lower overall premium than the guaranteed cost option.
  • Retrospective plans adjust the final charged premium in response to the insured’s losses over the term of the policy.
  • Captive programs, in which the insured owns the insurer, can be the right solution for some businesses, offering tax advantages, cost savings and unique risk-management strategies. Captives can have a single parent, be owned by a group, or can be rented from third-party owners.

The PEO Option

Gunnin Insurance uses its close connection with a number of Professional Employment Organizations (or PEOs) to source insurance solutions for some businesses. PEOs can provide clients with a broad range of services, including workers’ compensation insurance, payroll services, risk management services, and compliance.

Many California businesses find they must use a PEO to overcome the challenges of the state’s insurance marketplace for businesses in some highly rated workers’ compensation class codes or who have an unfavorable claims history. Businesses can incubate in a PEO for several years while working with Gunnin to improve their workers’ compensation claims experience and develop a best practices risk management program.

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