Strategies for Staffing Firms to Address Off-Site Injury Risk

A staffing firm’s strength is found in its employees, many of whom may only rarely step foot in the firm’s physical offices. Keeping employees safe while they are on assignment is one of the key challenges of developing a staffing firm’s risk management program. Although a staffing business may not have day-to-day control of safety practices at its clients’ locations, it can adopt processes that improve safety outcomes, lower costs, and protect employees. Here are three:

  • Conduct safety inspections.

Staffing firms should not rely on their engagement contracts alone to protect their employees from unnecessary risk. A safety expert should be tasked with visiting client worksites to identify and quantify potential hazards, review safety practices, and observe worker routines. Large firms may prefer to develop this capability in-house, while others can rely on outside consultants.

The objective of such reviews is to form a clear picture of the kinds of risks that an employee will face while on site. An inspection can reveal areas where specialized training might be needed, or certain restrictions placed on the firm’s employee to minimize the risk of accidents. For long engagements, conducting follow-up inspections can ensure that practices and planning follow changes to the work environment.

  • Develop an off-site safety protocol.

Many projects can benefit from a customized off-site safety protocol that addresses the unique hazards of the client site. Such protocols are often best developed in coordination with the client and other contractors working at the site. This ensures that everyone working at the location is working according to well-understood standards. Among other things, a protocol should include emergency planning so everyone working on site knows how to respond to a serious injury or natural disaster.

  • Provide specialized training when needed.

A few hours of training can go a long way toward preventing accidents. When a client site presents hazards that are new to an employee or that are unique to that location, the firm may need to provide its staff with additional training. A staffing firm’s employees add extra value when they identify potential injury risks that the client might not have known about. They also help the firm manage its costs by taking additional steps to keep themselves safe.

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