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The Risk Management Challenge of Employee Drivers

Insuring employees who drive for work, whether for incidental job-related activities or regularly, is a natural part of the risk management process. Auto accidents can involve layers of complexity and cost that aren’t often seen in other job-related incidents. Multiple people with injuries, a complex interplay of different applicable insurance policies, and the risk of […]


Mitigating the Risk of Employee Hearing Loss

Preventing hearing damage is an important risk management consideration for many businesses. The risk may be obvious for businesses in loud industries, like construction. But employees also can be exposed to dangerously high volumes in less obvious circumstances.  How does hearing loss become a business loss? Work-related hearing loss potentially presents two sources of risk […]


Risk Management Begins at the Top

Many of the incidents that drive workers’ compensation costs occur at the “floor level” of a business. It’s obvious: whether it’s a construction firm, a hospital, or a staffing agency, the people who are most likely to get hurt are the ones doing the most dangerous jobs.  What is less obvious is the important role […]


Strategies for Accommodating Light Duty Requirements

Managing the risks associated with workplace injuries requires a comprehensive plan. Part of the planning process needs to include looking at how an injured employee will be accommodated while recovering from an injury that temporarily prevents a return to normal duties. By offering an injured employee light duty, employers may be able to control how […]


What Makes Workers’ Compensation So Complex?

Many employers find managing their workers’ compensation program to be a frustrating and confusing task. The process can be especially difficult for temporary staffing firms, which tend to have large, dispersed workforces and a wide variety of hazards to account for in their policies. These are some of the reasons why workers’ compensation is so […]

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