Temporary Staffing

In an ideal world, a firm’s workforce would have a perfect safety record. Of course, we don’t live in a perfect world. For temporary staffing firms, managing the risk of employee injuries often is a complex puzzle with many moving parts: safe worksites, employees using behavioral best practices and an effective claims management program to name a few. A firm needs a workers’ compensation program that helps it meet these challenges while also being cost-effective.

An effective workers’ compensation program for a temporary staffing firm has three features:

  1. Competitive: The program’s costs don’t threaten the firm’s bottom line or its ability to win or retain clients.
  2. Profitable: The program renders a net benefit to the firm instead of being a constant source of loss.
  3. Program Management: The risk management program has an effective loss containment and claims management program resulting in claims costs better than competitors.

The Temporary Staffing Context

Firms working in the temporary staffing industry are under a lot of pressure. New firms are starting up all the time. The rapidly diversifying marketplace creates intense competition. A tight labor market makes finding employees even harder, and also complicates management and retention of existing employees. On top of it all are the many governmental regulations that impose time-consuming and costly compliance requirements

Programs for Prevention

Keeping costs in check begins with taking steps to prevent accidents and injuries. A risk management program that accounts for the temporary staffing industry’s unique needs can go a long way toward controlling potential costs. A program typically includes things like these:

  • Developing job descriptions.
  • Instituting employee online training and tracking programs.
  • Anticipating workers’ language needs by providing access to online, multilingual risk management, safety, and health library that includes important policies and training materials.
  • Coaching employees to recognize risks and best-practice behaviors through a safety observation and job hazard analysis training and management program.

Enhancing Value Using a Claims Advocate

happen. By working with an experienced workers’ compensation claims advocate, a firm can develop the tools it needs to be ready for the next claim. Claims advocates do much more than helping clients manage their claims. They also assist with critical preparatory work. The claims advocate works with the firm and the firm’s claims handling organization to establish accident, injury and claims protocols. Over time, the advocate helps the client develop an in-house capacity to manage its own claims, further reducing costs.

Understanding the Problem, Finding a Solution

Gunnin specializes in helping firms within the temporary staffing industry develop risk management solutions along with cost-saving insurance options linked to achieving the temporary staffing firm’s financial and business objectives.

Gunnin can bring your firm from where you are to where you want to go.

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