The Role of the Workers’ Compensation Claims Advocate

In a perfect world, every workers’ compensation claim would be resolved quickly, easily, and cheaply. Veterans of the temporary staffing industry are keenly aware that reality is far from perfect. The claims process is complex even without disagreements between the insurer and the insured. When the client and insurer don’t see eye to eye, a claim can become a time-consuming and expensive problem. A claims advocate facilitates the process at every phase. Here are a few ways that the claims advocate adds value to a risk management program.

Management of claims.
The most basic role of the claims advocate is to provide oversight and, in many cases, direct management of claims. The complexity of workers’ compensation claims creates pitfalls for clients who aren’t well-versed in the technicalities of the process. The advocate’s expert guidance ensures that important details aren’t missed.

Managing the insurer relationship.
A big part of a claims advocate’s job is to develop relationships with people in the insurance industry. These relationships can make a huge difference for clients when they face challenging situations that require more than routine paperwork. The advocate understands the insurer’s perspective and knows how to get what the client needs while keeping everyone on good terms.

Of course, the insurer-insured relationship is also a matter of contract. The advocate’s deep knowledge of the inner workings of insurance policies can make all the difference when disagreements arise. Rather than ending in expensive litigation, disputes can often be resolved with the advocate’s mediating influence. The advocate also uses a deep understanding of the client’s coverage to ensure that the client gets full value from its insurance program.

Contributing industry expertise.
Temporary staffing businesses need advocates who understand their industry’s unique challenges. Employees working off-site are often beyond the reach of the firm’s managers. Worksite conditions are rarely under the firm’s control. And a claim often raises difficult questions about the interaction between the host employer’s insurance and the staffing firm’s coverage. A claims advocate specializing in the temporary staffing industry knows how to address issues like these.

Developing in-house capabilities.
For many temporary staffing firms, developing internal capabilities for handling claims can be a useful way to save money. A claims advocate works closely with the client’s team to help them learn to navigate claims on their own. The coaching process often unfolds over the course of years, as the client’s administrators accumulate experience and insights. In time the advocate may no longer be needed for routine claims work, but can always step in when the client encounters a complex problem.

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