What Can Gunnin’s Loss Control Services Do for Your Firm?

Rising workers’ compensation costs can pose a significant threat to a business’s profitability. This is especially true in the temporary staffing industry, which faces unique risk management challenges thanks to its unusually dynamic workforce and broad range of potential work sites. A dedicated insurance broker’s goal isn’t just to help clients secure the right insurance program, but also to help them control losses and, by extension, lower costs.

Gunnin has entered into a relationship with Succeed Management Solutions, a leading developer of workplace safety and human resources software solutions, to provide our clients with a valuable suite of loss control tools. According to data provided by Succeed’s parent, KPA, clients who apply their solutions can realize significant costs savings, both in the first year and as their loss control programs mature.

Gunnin’s clients will be able to access Succeed’s Risk Management Center software through Gunnin’s website. The Risk Management Center offers managers a broad suite of tools to help them evaluate sources of workplace risk and improve compliance with health and safety regulations. Used properly, the Risk Management Center can be a powerful tool for controlling losses and, by extension, Workers’ Compensation costs.

The Risk Management Center brings together all the regulatory regimes that might apply to an employer’s specific operations. The available tools runs the gamut: safety (OSHA), accessibility (ADA), and environmental (CDC, EPA), to name a few. It also covers important topics for benefits and human resources managers, like HIPAA, Department of Labor rules, and the FMLA. The system captures federal and state sources.

The goal of the Risk Management Center is to give managers and employees the tools they need to make informed choices. The software includes a broad range of tools to help employers implement safety programs: a reference library, audits, training, incident tracking, inspection and observation protocols, and so on. Combined with the in-person counseling that Gunnin provides to each client, these tools can form a strong foundation for a firm’s loss control strategies.

Gunnin is dedicated to serving businesses in the temporary staffing industry. We provide comprehensive insurance and risk management services that will positively impact your bottom line. To learn about how we can help your firm, give us a call today.

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