What We Do

Gunnin Insurance provides comprehensive insurance brokerage and risk management services to businesses throughout the United States. Every business faces unique risks, determined by their industry’s exposures and the jobs their employees perform. We partner with clients to develop a complete understanding of their needs, design affordable and responsive insurance and risk management programs, and be a strategic asset to the client for the duration of our engagement.

Analysis and assessment.

We first learn an organization through its people, historical experience, pain points, current risk management processes and strategic objectives. Using this information, we develop a conceptual presentation of the available options that will address the client’s needs and concerns.

Our risk assessment processes provide valuable insights into the sources of a client’s challenges, so a program can be designed to address the client’s unique situation.

We get to know you.

At the outset of every engagement, we take the time to study our client’s business, its people and its industry. An insurance and risk management program needs to account for many concerns, including budget constraints, plans for future growth, historical experience and current challenges.

As part of building a new relationship, we work diligently to understand the client’s existing programs, where the client would like to be, and how it would like to get there.

Program management.

Putting an insurance and risk management program in place is only the beginning. Gunnin also provides responsive and personal services in support of program onboarding and operation. These services may include:

  • Onboarding of payroll processing if our client has joined a PEO.
  • Workers’ compensation class coding.
  • Certificate of Insurance issuance.
  • Support with contractual concerns.
  • General problem solving.

Claims advocacy.

In the early stages of a new program deployment, we partner with the client to work with its claims handling organization to establish robust claims protocols. The protocols provide a roadmap to govern claims when they arise, so the client knows what its responsibilities are, what to expect from us, and what the claims handling organization should be doing.

As our clients’ advocate, we keep close tabs on every claim. If something goes wrong, we step in using time-tested strategies to protect the client’s best interests.

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