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Gunnin Insurance provides comprehensive insurance brokerage services to the temporary staffing industry throughout the United States. Every staffing business faces unique risks, determined by the clients they serve and the jobs their workers perform. We work closely with clients to understand their needs, compile affordable and responsive insurance and risk management programs, and be a strategic partner.

We get to know you.

At the outset of every engagement, we take the time to get to know the business of our clients. An insurance and risk management program needs to account for many concerns, including budget constraints, future growth, historical experience and current problems. 

As we build relationships, we strive to understand the client’s current programs, where they would like to be, and how they would like to get there.

Analysis and assessment.

A deep analysis of a client’s existing programs is key to solving today’s problems and to developing a plan for the future. We look closely at each client’s historical premiums, payrolls, claims along with their overall risk management processes. Using this information, we develop a conceptual presentation of the available options that will address the client’s needs and concerns. 

Our risk assessment processes helps us and our clients understand their sources of problems, so programs can be put in place to solve the problems.

Program management.

Putting an insurance and risk management program in place is only the beginning. Gunnin also provides responsive and personal services in support of the on boarding and ongoing operation. These services may include:

  • On boarding of payroll processing if our client has joined a PEO,
  • Workers’ Compensation class coding,
  • Certificate of Insurance issuance,
  • Contractual issues, and
  • General problem solving to name a few.

Claims advocacy.

Our initial step is to work with our client and with the claims handling organization to establish claims protocols. By agreeing on these plans of actions, it allows our client to know what to expect of us, of the claims handling organization and what their responsibilities are. 

As our clients’ advocate, we can bring things back on track when they go astray and we engage on claims to get the best results based on a predetermined strategy.

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Gunnin’s team is standing by to help temporary staffing businesses find new and better ways to tackle their risk management challenges. Contact us today to find out how we can make your firm’s workers’ compensation program do more.

Providing risk management and insurance brokerage services to clients in the temporary staffing industry throughout the United States.


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