Work Comp Wednesday: ‘Stop Work Authority’ Explained

In any organization, it’s everyone’s responsibility to help detect workplace hazards and prevent accidents. That’s why it’s crucial for your staff to be actively involved in workplace health and safety initiatives, such as a Stop Work Authority (SWA) program. These programs encourage employees to keep an eye out for potential workplace safety hazards, thus helping identify risks before they result in costly and tragic incidents.

SWA Programs Defined

Although these programs are not required by OSHA, they are strongly encouraged as a way to get employees more involved in workplace health and safety processes and strengthen an organization’s overall safety culture. However, keep in mind that it is still the employer’s—not the employees’—legal responsibility to ensure a hazard-free work environment.

At a glance, SWA programs provide employees with both the responsibility and obligation to stop working if they recognize a perceived unsafe behavior or condition in the workplace. From there, employees must halt work processes until the problem has been corrected. 

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