Eliminating The Pain of



ARE YOU EXPERIENCING financial and operational pain from your workers’ compensation program? We know the challenges workers’ compensation can present. At Gunnin, we take clients from where they are to where they want to be. We do this by following a comprehensive process:

  • Complete assessment of current workers’ compensation insurance coverage and risk management practices.
  • Placement with a workers’ compensation insurance solution suited to the client’s current circumstances and aligned with the client’s strategic plan and financial objectives.
  • Design a risk management program based on best practices, utilizing our risk management talent and expertise to develop the client’s internal capabilities for long-term sustainability.

Among Gunnin’s major strengths is our skill coordinating the relationship between the client and its claims handling organization. We protect the client’s best interests at every phase of the claim process.


At the outset of a new engagement we study a prospective client organization through its people, historical experience, pain points and strategic objectives. Based on what we learn, we develop a conceptual presentation of our capabilities, resources and services and how they can best address each of the client’s challenges.

With an agreed upon action plan, we implement our services and the selected insurance program with regular stewardship sessions to review:

〉What we promised to do

〉What has or has not been accomplished

〉Open issues and problems

〉Claims results

〉Progress on the implementation of best practices risk management program

〉Agree on the next best steps of action

Our mission is to eliminate the pain from workers’ compensation ethically, diligently, consistently and passionately while our clients becomes what they want to be. Schedule a time on our calendar to have an initial discussion on how we can guide you.

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