Conquer Your Work Comp Pain

Smarter Workers’ Comp for 250 to 10,000 Employees

Simplify Your Processes

Gain Control of Your Program

Dramatically Reduce Costs

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A California work comp program should protect your business...not pillage it.

A ridiculously expensive California work comp program interferes with too many organizations’ success.

Gunnin provides a smarter solution to drive your workers’ comp insurance costs down and get your claims management and safety teams working like a well-oiled machine.

Meet The Gunnin Solution.

Our 3-part solution is comprehensive and proven to work.


We help you refine and
implement risk management
best practices tailored to your


We make sure your
insurance placement fits
your risk appetite and is cost


We help you implement claims
protocols while providing
collaboration and advocacy,
training and coaching.

We cringe every time we see an organization paying too much
for their workers’ comp program.

You don’t have to navigate this
complicated system on your own.

Our solution produces results.

We reduced total annual claims costs from $6M to $1.5M for 900 convenience stores in 24 months.

We placed numerous large workers’ comp insurance programs when the existing carrier was non-renewing.

We examined over 3500 claims and identified early cost drivers for an annual savings of $2M.

How much will YOU save annually?

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    Meet with us via Zoom or in your office

    We’ll ask questions, hear your story, and begin to build a relationship. 

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    Receive a plan

    After identifying the root causes of your high costs, we’ll present a conceptual services plan.

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    Conquer your work comp pain

    You will finally have a low cost and efficiently run California workers’ compensation program that propels your business forward.

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