Are your workers’ comp insurance costs
as low as they could be?

Our analysis will help you find out.

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Why you shouldn’t always choose
the lowest premium

Many organizations end up overpaying for their workers’ comp insurance because they focus on the premium.  The truth is, not all carriers and claims administrators are created equal, and the premium is only one consideration. 

At Gunnin, we dissect your entire program which includes premiums, program structure, claims handling, and loss control/safety services to get the total picture.

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How we help you choose the RIGHT insurance.

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Key Interviews

We interview all people involved in your workers’ compensation program.

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Conceptual Plan

We present a conceptual services plan of how we would market your insurance program and deliver our services

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Your Priorities

We want to know your strategic goals, appetite for risk and program structure interests.

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Your Claims

We complete an analysis of your historical claims experience, premiums, collateral requirements (if any), and claims administration.

We understand the challenges of
improving your insurance program...we truly get it.

Helping organizations conquer their work comp pain is our passion.

Placed numerous large workers’ comp insurance programs when the existing carrier was non-renewing.

Moved a specific group of large organizations from guaranteed cost insurance programs into loss sensitive programs. Each organization within the group saved $100K+ in total cost.

Helped organizations get out of a PEO and into group captives and loss sensitive programs, which eliminated the PEO’s administrative fee and lowered their total cost.

Finding the right broker
can be daunting.

The fear of change keeps many organizations stuck with the same high bill for their workers’ compensation insurance year after year. The thought of breaking ties with their current broker simply feels too daunting.

At Gunnin we believe a great broker doesn’t just find a good price on California work comp premiums, but provides comprehensive support to lower the total cost of a work comp program. That’s why we have a service plan agreement with every one of our clients, establishing clear expectations that hold both parties accountable.

Imagine having total confidence in how your workers’ comp program works, and complete certainty that you aren’t wasting a dollar you don’t need to.

Don’t let your business be held back any longer.

We will...

  • the number 1

    Not approach any insurance market without your authorization.

  • the number 2

    Set reasonable expectations, knowing that improved insurance program costs come with improved claims results over time.

  • the number 3

    Collaborate on a Service Plan Agreement.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

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