Are you a workers’ comp overspender?

We’ll help you become strategic and efficient.

When you’re a business without an efficiently managed workers’ comp program, it’s far too easy to get gouged month after month by high workers’ comp costs that eat away at your profit margin. Many of our clients tell us they used to feel powerless and frustrated as their team would attempt to reduce costs but make little progress year after year. Fortunately, we’re California work comp experts.

At Gunnin, we believe it shouldn’t be this way – your workers’ comp program should protect your business, not pillage it.  We’re California work comp experts. Our 80+ years of experience has helped organizations with 250 – 10,000 employees conquer their workers’ compensation pain for good.  And the good news is that unlike many other brokers with large teams that pass your account off to someone who is often still learning the ropes of workers’ comp, with Gunnin you get the experience you’re paying for.  Our tight-knit team delivers focused expertise to your specific situation and challenges.

Our service is a comprehensive solution that addresses risk management, insurance placement, and claims management and drives your total costs down.  In fact, we’re a full-service property & casualty insurance brokerage for those who want us to handle all of their property & casualty insurance and risk management needs.

Here’s how you can conquer your work comp pain:

  1. Call or email us. We’ll ask a few questions to determine if we can help in your specific situation. 
  2. Meet with us. We’ll ask questions, hear your story, and begin to build a relationship.
  3. Receive a plan. After identifying the root causes of your high costs, we’ll present a conceptual services plan. 
  4. Conquer your work comp pain. You will finally have a low cost and efficiently run workers’ compensation program that propels your business forward.

With the Gunnin solution you’ll gain control of your program, ease your team’s stress, and save money year after year. Stop feeling lost in the chaos of claims and wasting your precious business’s resources.  Become a strategic and efficient organization – schedule a consultation with the California work comp experts today.

Meet the Gunnin Team
California Work Comp Experts

Our 3-part solution is comprehensive and proven to work.

Tommy Gunnin

Tommy Gunnin

President & CEO

Valerie Gunnin

Valerie Gunnin

Senior Vice President

Lisa Castagnola

Lisa Castagnola

Vice President

Put an end to overspending on workers’ compensation.


We help you refine and
implement risk management
best practices tailored to your


We make sure your
insurance placement fits
your risk appetite and is cost


We help you implement claims
protocols while providing
collaboration and advocacy,
training and coaching.