Make your claims management
process more effective.

Best Practices

Clear Processes

Best Possible Outcomes

Is your current process:

  • Complex and difficult to manage?

  • Causing you to lose time & money?

  • Missing the mark with communication?

You’re working diligently yet still not getting the best outcomes.  No one should have to bear the burden of managing claims on their own – you deserve capable advocacy, collaboration and the support of management. We can help with your California work comp claim management challenges.

desk and computer with a claim form

How we help you get better outcomes.

Implement Claims

We’ll analyze current processes
and find the gaps that are
sabotaging your outcomes.

Collaborate and
Provide Advocacy

We’ll help you understand the
implications and roadblocks so
you can make better decisions.

Ongoing Training
and Coaching

We’ll provide ongoing coaching
to improve your processes and
your outcomes.

We never leave you hanging.

We understand just how complex and challenging it can be to coordinate all parties and achieve the best possible claims outcomes.

  • the number 1

    We identified overuse of costly resources on low severity claims for an organization and saved them $2M in the first year by having them spend more time on the most impactful claims.

  • the number 2

    We established a collaborative framework for improving decision-making on an organization’s large loss claims. In the first year, the reserves were reduced by over $1 million.

Navigating the system is just plain difficult.

But your job will get easier when you have best practices
along with high level collaboration and advocacy.

Begin a relationship with Gunnin today.

We will...

  • the number 1

    Help you implement claim protocols.

  • the number 2

    Provide collaboration and claims advocacy.

  • the number 3

    Provide ongoing training and coaching on claims handling.

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Download Our California Work Comp Claim Management Guide:

Best Practices for Claims Management

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