Reduce Injuries

Increase Employee Morale

Be More OSHA Savvy

Many organizations struggle with safety in spite of their safety training efforts. Improve your California risk management.

Safety Culture

Leadership isn’t openly supporting and making safety top of mind. 


A poor process that doesn’t weed out the bad apples can cost your organization.


Training not based on historical experience and job-related exposures is not as effective. 

Reduce workplace injuries through a more effective
California risk management approach.

Leadership Embraces Safety

Leadership makes it clear to everyone that safety is a priority. Employees know what is expected of them.

Good People

A well designed hiring process promotes hiring employees who embrace your culture.

Constructive Training

An effective training program enables employees to have fewer and less severe injuries. 

Getting top management support and employee
buy-in to safety shouldn’t be so difficult.
Yet, too often, it is.

The reality is that top management has many other focuses, and often there are competing priorities. We get it. But we also know that when employees do not see the leadership team placing a high value on the safety culture, then buy-in is often low.

At Gunnin we believe that unless leadership embraces a safety culture, safety will not be embraced by employees. That’s why we take the time to work with top management and all stakeholders to build a comprehensive California workers’ comp risk management program.

Get everyone on the same page.

Request your analysis today.

How we’ll work together.

  • the number 1

    Provide us documents

    Send us copies of certain documents so we can provide a risk analysis (don’t worry, we’ll give you a list of what we need).

  • the number 2

    Tell us your story

    We'll ask you questions to get the full picture of your organization, your program and your goals. We aim for clarity.

  • the number 3

    Collaboratively create a plan

    Get fresh ideas and safety initiatives designed to reduce injuries and make you a workplace hero.

Gunnin has helped many organizations improve California
risk management practices and save money.

Reduced total annual claims costs from $6M to $1.5M for 900 convenience stores in 24 months through behavioral safety training. This is one of several critical components of California risk management.

Worked with 10+ staffing clients to include breach of contract provisions in their contracts to ensure that their client (the Special Employer) fully understands their obligation to provide a safe workplace and is held accountable when failing to do so results in injuries.

Assessed various loss prevention options for a specific department with a high frequency of losses. Recommended a risk transfer technique that produced a considerable reduction of the ex mod, and in turn, a favorable loss pick for the deductible program.

We will...

  • the number 1

    Help you design and implement risk management best practices.

  • the number 2

    Provide fresh safety training and coaching resources.

  • the number 3

    Provide ongoing expert advocacy.

And you will...become a workplace hero.

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Best Practices for Risk Management

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